Nanocleanse Efficacy Studies


Ever since synthetic pesticides and insecticides were first introduced into agricultural practice, food safety investigators have been concerned with the fate of residual chemicals persisting beyond the ambit of normal food processing. Washing, peeling and cooking have long been recognized as important, but not necessarily reliable, means of reducing the levels of pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits.

Agricultural crop cultivated from the use of pesticides – underground crops in particular – are often accompanied by bacterial contamination as well.

Several experimental approaches have substantiated the fact that normal washing does not reduce residual pesticide and bacterial contamination below permissible limits. Indeed, over the past 10 years, an increasing amount of residual contamination has been consistently been found on raw agriculture produce.

Certain types of specialized processing are thus necessitated for removing pesticide and bacterial contamination from the surfaces of cultivated fruits and vegetables.

Thus a more recent, practical approach, gaining increasing popularity by the day, involves the use of nanoparticles for removing residual pesticide and bacterial contamination. Towards this end, M/s Prakruthik Health Care now launches a ‘NanoCleanse’, NANO CLEANING SUSPENSION comprising clay mineral nanoparticles complemented by two liquid ingredients, for eliminating unwanted pesticides and bacteria. Highly desirable properties arising from the inherent constitution of the Nanoparticle suspension - such as dispersion, adsorption, absorption etc. - collectively confer exceptional capacities in favor of efficaciously cleansing fruit and vegetable produce.

This cleansing solution also contains surfactants, chelating agents and antioxidants which work in concert to remove contaminants from vegetables and fruits, reduce the adhesion of unwanted contaminants and eliminate oil-based pesticides, chemicals, and waxes.
Chelating agents primarily extract contaminants away from fruit and vegetable surfaces, and prevent foreign matter from being re-deposited.

NanoCleanse prevents deteoriation of vegetables and fruits dramatically, thus slowing wilting and browning. It also neutralizes the chlorine that is present in most wash water, thus eliminating undesirable odours and tastes associated with chlorine.

A number of experiments validate the premise that washes with this NanoCleanse produces excellent results in bringing residual pesticide and bacterial contamination far below permissible limits.

Benefits of NanoCleanse:

Mineral ions in NanoCleanse enable the cleansing solution to easily permeate fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry, flushing out bacteria and harmful particulate toxins found in pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Vegetables and fruits washed with NanoCleanse therefore have a more distinctive organic quality and taste, eliminating all associated concerns arising from the presence of residual germs and toxins.

Further, the positively charged alkaline mineral ions in NanoCleanse promote longer shelf-life in fruits and vegetables, thus enhancing freshness levels as well as natural flavor, at one go.

While NanoCleanse is formulated primarily for the cleansing of fruits and vegetables, it can also be used for washing meat and poultry. The Nano Cleaning suspension is 100% safe to use and produces no discernible side effects. It is also easily removed through simple washing, to the point where even traces of the product are not detected on vegetables and fruits purified with NanoCleanse.