The Need

‘Modern Times’

It is an all too familiar truism that the frenetic, maddening pace of life in today’s over-urbanized environments has compromised individual lifestyles in highly undesirable fashion, the world over. Our lives are by now near uniformly characterized by distressing levels of physical neglect and physiological imbalance - duly represented in significant part, by alarmingly irregular or injudicious dietary habits, a serious lack of meaningful exercise, and so on. Pervasively toxic pollution levels only serve to aggravate
these patently health-averse circumstances, also typified as never before, by the steadily increasing systemic influx of preservatives, pesticides, artificial colors and flavorings, heavy metals, junk foods, saturated fats and an overdependence on synthetic medication. Needless to say, abusively indulgent, alcohol / nicotine-centric ‘partying’ habits among the young and the middle-aged alike dangerously complicate matters even further. With aging-related wear and tear, endogenous toxins, a veritable barrage of drug-resistant microorganisms and debilitating psychological stress for a collective, constant backdrop to this already disconcerting framework, broad forecasts of individual health thus remain ominously bleak for the extended future to come.

Conventional Solutions and Associated Limitations

The possibility of reverting to a significantly healthier, relatively stress-free, agrarian lifestyle / environment (of the kind dating back one or two centuries), is quite simply out of the question for most of us. We are thus more or less stuck with an overwhelmingly abusive set of circumstances with no easy way out. Our bodies now accumulate toxins on an unprecedented scale, and in an endlessly vicious cycle.

Despite this essentially life-threatening canvas, traditional health enhancement philosophies have merely centered on routine nutritional supplementation, superficial dietary changes, quick-fix exercise regimens, and the like. There is of course, no gainsaying the merits of balanced nutrition, regulated diets or well-grounded exercise. What has remained strangely underappreciated across the board, however, is the indispensability of approaches that could periodically and efficiently alleviate the chronic overload of diverse toxins in the human body, a menace that none of these measures could in and of itself specifically and comprehensively address. Indeed, this toxic build-up often likely makes its insidious presence felt in deceptively protracted fashion, such as in the development of a variety of cancers over decades, the accelerated progression of late-onset neurodegenerative or respiratory disorders, or illnesses relating to severely compromised immune systems.

The Meaningful Alternative

Simply put, health enhancement paradigms geared towards Systemic Detoxification on a regularized basis are the pressing need of the hour. Ideally speaking, such strategies would also purposefully augment complementary approaches focusing instead on mineral / nutrient depletion, the benefits of organic foods or customized exercise routines, and so on, as opposed to circumventing or replacing them wholesale. Sadly however, there exists no such product on the pharmaceuticals / health foods / nutraceuticals market today that addresses this urgent challenge head-on.

Enter N-Dtox : A Revolutionary Product

The Underlying Core Concepts

N-Dtox is a uniquely conceived, all-natural, eco-friendly product, whose core value mirrors the novel paradigm that periodic intra-corporeal detoxification is an absolute must for enhanced health and all-round, long-term well-being in today’s world. In addition, N-Dtox uniquely leverages nanotechnology-powered adsorption / delivery mechanisms for maximal efficacy, while remaining completely safe for human consumption.

Much as these twin virtues constitute defining features of N-Dtox as a revolutionary product, its overall value goes much farther, in a multidimensional approach best elaborated as follows.

The Four-pronged Combinatorial Strategy
A. Nanotechnology-based adsorption of toxins
N-Dtox’s claims to being a revolutionary product principally derive from a uniquely constituted core ingredient – Calcium Bentonite or ‘Prakruthik Living Clay’, possessing two powerful properties that may be harnessed towards formidably novel paradigms of health care: a net electrostatic negative charge and monumental surface area. The calcium bentonite (Svarjika) in N-Dtox is structured as sheets of highly charged double-layered anions at the nanoscale (one billionth of a metre), therefore also spanning an extremely large surface area (one gram of N-Dtox has enough surface area to cover an entire football field!!). Together these two properties jointly ensure the identification, adsorption and neutralization of positively charged metal toxins (lead, mercury, chromium, etc.) as well as pathogenic bacteria and fungi alike, like no
other substance on earth possibly can. In other words, an incomparable electrostatic adsorptive pulling power, cleansing toxins accumulated across vast areas of body tissues (whether they represent the intestinal tract, liver or heart) guarantees the effective drawing out and capture of a broad array of cationic toxins, regardless of their original source (ingestion, inhalation or touch). The end result is a comprehensive detoxification process with no known parallel.

B. Nanotechnology-based re-mineralization
The virtues of supplementation in combating mineral deprivation are reasonably well-recognized by most of us to require further elaboration (especially given our history as a ‘developing country’). The qualitative N-Dtox difference however powerfully derives from the nanometric particle size of its constituent mineral ingredients. Conventional supplements, being significantly larger with respect to particle size, are neither efficiently broken down by stomach acids, nor absorbed efficiently across intestinal walls. N-Dtox’s essentially nanotech-based formulation ensures storage, bioavailability and assimilation of a diversified portfolio of 57 different trace minerals on a scale hitherto never even attempted by any other product. While delivery of these minerals occurs in slow, buffered fashion, intestinal re-capture also ensures a mediated supply guarding against the dangers of over-supplementaion. The underlying process also prevents undesirable clinging of nutrients and minerals which end up being absorbed across a considerably larger surface area in our bodies than that envisioned by traditionally formulated supplements. N-Dtox thus represents a unique mineral warehouse, delivery and vending-buffering system that is incomparably superior to any other nutritional supplement on the market.

C. A plethora of valuable herbal extracts
The third dimension to N-Dtox’s multifactorial repertoire seeks to leverage the salutary effects of a whole gamut of herbal extracts, well-recognized in traditional Indian medicine and potentiated further, by the nanotech advantage. These include respectively – Vidang (Embelia ribes), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), Maricha (Piper nigrum) and Sunthi (Zigiber officinale). Specific benefits apply across the human health spectrum ranging from the treatment of gastrointestinal ailments (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, dysentery, etc.) and cardiovascular conditions (high cholesterol or high blood pressure) to neurological (anorexia, neuralgia) and liver (jaundice, hepatitis) disorders. [Please refer to the ‘Core Ingredients’ section for more detailed information].

In addition, many of these extracts have been demonstrated to contain powerful antioxidants (such as, respectively, Embeline, Curcumin, Beberine, Piperine and Gingerol). The free radical theory of aging – which holds that reactive oxygen species of various kinds or ionized radicals like superoxide are directly linked to human aging as well as many different neurodegenerative diseases – has by now gained sufficient currency in the scientific community, worldwide. Likewise, the perspective that antioxidant therapy constitutes a powerful defense measure against the ravages of aging is more or less ‘de rigeur’ in contemporary medical circles. N-Dtox maximizes the anti-aging power of these compounds to nanoscale delivery levels.

These extracts have also been validated for their significant utility in weight management paradigms that also invoke supportive measures such as exercise routines and controlled diets in their approach.

D. Balancing the pH factor
Modern health research has also converged upon the viewpoint that general wellness is predicated upon pH balance in the human body. Greasy, fried foods or carbonated beverages, when consumed immoderately can upset pH-related homeostasis in the body, tilting the balance towards over-acidified environments. Acid-loving pathogenic bacteria would tend to proliferate under such conditions, posing a serious health hazard over time. In addition, a variety of cancers have been demonstrated to thrive in highly acidic environments and conversely, to not do so well under alkaline conditions. Prakruthik Living Clay has a pH of 9.7 and it therefore alkalizes your body in all-natural fashion, restoring in the process, a homeostasis which can otherwise be upset by unregulated dietary choices.

The core, operational twin technologies of N-Dtox – nanotechnology-powered detoxification and re-mineralization – have thus been strategically fortified further by a four-pronged approach, comprehensively translating into an ultimate health advantage for you, the consumer!!

An Open, One-of-a-kind Invitation

It is our firm but heartfelt conviction that direct, first-hand experience alone can most meaningfully impress upon YOU, the consumer, the enduing value of what N-Dtox can do for your overall health and well-being. Although the benefits of N-Dtox potentially and bi-directionally extend across the age barrier, spanning ages 18 through 108, the post-N-Dtox transformation is likely to be differentially experienced depending on one’s own individual age, personal circumstances and broad station in life.

Have you been feeling weighed down by the stresses of life or suffering from lethargy, and a lack of motivation? Have you instead been feeling bloated or constipated? Has your skin lost its customary sheen or freshness? Try the detox route, the N-Dtox way, and feel the invigorating difference for yourself.

If you are on the threshold of a promising career path or aspiring to as much, let the N-Dtox experience further nourish and energize you in consolidating your peak performance. If instead, you are reasonably well-settled in life, but looking to re-vitalize yourself for fresh challenges, at home, work or elsewhere, let N-Dtox usher in a sense of youthfulness, vibrancy and renewed vitality.

Whatever your circumstances, we invite you invest in the unique, revolutionary approach of N-Dtox for as little as a month!! COME AWAY THENCE WITH A SYSTEM PALPABLY RENEWED, RECHARGED AND REJUVENATED FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS TO FOLLOW!!!!!

Detox today, for a younger, newer YOU!!! You’ll be glad you did!!!!!!

Core Ingredients

Calcium Bentonite:
A mega-mineral nutritional supplement containing positively charged mineral ions - Ca2+, Mg2+, P3+ and more than 57 trace elements that are active in ionic & colloidal form - to strengthen internal organ functions, increase blood circulation, reduce acidic toxins and neutralise free radicals in the body.

Plantago ovata:
Psyllium husk helps relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diverticular disease and chronic constipation. Has diuretic, emollient and cooling properties. Also helps in lowering cholesterol, controlling diabetes, & is commonly used in alleviating inflammatory conditions relating to mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts.

Embelia ribes (Extract):
Has antibacterial and antiprotozoal properties, & is widely used in skin related ailments due to its cooling effects. Improves overall brain function, normalizes digestive activities, helps in purifying blood, & strengthens all the tissues of the body, including those of the nervous system.

Curcuma longa (Extract):
Improves skin texture and complexion. Helps relieve toxic symptoms from infection, is helpful in regulating blood density and prevents thinning of blood cells. Very effective in diabetes treatment. Reduces extra heat generated in the body & also improves digestion. Is also effective in combating respiratory disorders.

Berberis aristata (Extract):
Is useful in treating anorexia, dysentery, hepatitis and other liver disorders. Is indicated as one of the best remedies for regulating liver function, promoting the flow of bile & also healing leucorrhea, jaundice, enlarged spleen & inflammation of the gall bladder. Also effective in improving appetite, digestion and nutrient assimilation.

Piper nigrum (Extract):
Piperine is very beneficial for the body. It is a very good digestant and carminative. Being a stimulant, it is also used to relieve fatigue, lethargy and lack of concentration. As an antiseptic and antibacterial, it is used to treat asthma, colds, flu & many airborne infections. Its analgesic property is used to alleviate arthritis, muscular aches & pains, neuralgia, poor muscle tone, rheumatic pain, sprains and stiffness.

Zigiber officinale (Extract):
Ginger is one of the best multipurpose herbs. It inhibits the production of free radicals & also enhances the body's internal production of antioxidants. Has natural anti-inflammatory activity & is found beneficial in arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Ginger has been described as a great heart tonic, helps prevent various heart diseases by lowering high cholesterol & reducing blood clotting that can lead to plaque formation.


Serving Size: 2 Capsules per day
Each Capsule contains standardized ingredients:

Svarjika (Calcium bentonite)    280 mg
Isabgol (Plantago ovate)    140 mg
Vidang (Embelia ribes) Ext 70 mg
Haridra (Curcuma longa) Ext 70 mg
Daruharidra (Berberis aristata) Ext 70 mg
Maricha (Piper nigrum) Ext  35 mg
Sunthi (Zigiber officinale) Ext  35 mg
No added sugar, salt, wheat, yeast, dairy products, preservatives, or artificial colors. N-Dtox is not manufactured with gluten ingredients.

Who Should Use This Product?
Every adult - ages 18–108 - concerned with improving their health should take N-Dtox™.

Directions For Use

Two (2) Capsules daily. Take one (1) N-Dtox™ Capsule with eight (8) ounces of water with your morning and evening meals.

Keep out of reach of children.
Pregnant or lactating women, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to taking supplements.