Toxins Piled Up in Body from Years of Partying?

No Worry, Flush Them Out, with zero side effects!!

Wastes and toxins are the greatest challenge to human health. About 90% of the body’s supply of Serotonin (‘Happiness chemical’) is synthesized in the gastrointestinal tract.

A real solution lies in cleaning the colon, the last portion of digestive system.

Nano-Activated Svarjika and Psyllium make an excellent combination for internal use.

Both Svarjika and psyllium have long been used to cleanse the digestive system, reduce or eliminate food allergies, eliminate constipation, and successfully combat infections such as candidiasis, amoebiasis and giardiasis. Also effective against entero-pathogenic E.coli, Vibrio cholerae and enteropathies of varied aetiology.

Utilizing Nano-Activated Svarjika with psyllium will eliminate most of the uncomfortable side effects that some people experience when using conventional drugs. Further, En-Tube being a nanotech formula, has the ability to access inter-villar spaces of the bowel and thus exert gentle cleansing of the colon.

En-Tube is an efficacious nano medicine with no systemic absorption.

The particle shape and size of En-Tube's nano ingredient Svarjika confers an excellent adsorption property on En-Tube, which therefore, effectively adsorbs and expels entero pathogens and colon toxins.

En-Tube has an overall negative electrical attraction and therefore an incredible negative pulling power, for positively charged toxins.

In addition to colon cleansing and constipation relief, En-Tube also aids in the management of High cholesterol, High blood sugar and High blood pressure. It effectively tackles the annoying symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases and Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well.

En-Tube favourably regulates bowel movement, thus making for improved health.

En-Tube helps in alleviating skin disorders such as Urticaria, Acne and Eczema.

To summarize, En-Tube is nothing but a well researched composition of Highly Purified, Activated, Nano Svarjika (Mineral) and Plantago Ovata Husk (Herb).

En-Tube has been so named, to reflect the Nanotube morphology adopted by one of its core ingredients, in turn, the active source of many of its multifaceted, beneficial properties.
[The nanotube configuration, for example, enables one gram of our product with enough surface area to cover multiple football fields!!]


Serving Size: 2 Capsules per day
Each Capsule contains standardized ingredients

Svarjika (Calcium bentonite) 300 mg
Isabgol (Plantago ovate)  200 mg
"Death begins in the colon... In my opinion, there is only one real disease, and that disease is 'autointoxiation' - the body poisoning itself. It's the filth in our system that kills us. I'm convinced that unless you clean out your colon you will never regain vibrant health."
- Dr. V. Earl Irons
"These relaxed primitive people all seemed to have one bowel movement within 20 to 30 minutes after each major meal that they ate. They just squat, it rapidly comes out within a minute, and they are done. No library of magazines, no squeezing, straining, grunting, meditation or prayer, it just came out effortlessly. They seem to average between 2 and 4 bowel movements a day."
- Dr. Richard Schulze
“Intracorporeal depuration is a necessary prerequisite for the maintenance of optimal health.”
- Dr. I. Sanjeeva Rao
It helps in controlling Urticaria – a common skin problem.
- Dr. Jayanth Aurangabadkar