Prakruthik Living Clay

Prakruthik Living Clay is a very rare special clay that has been protected from contaminants and leaching by the climate. This clay deposit was sealed away and isolated from the natural elements by a cap of zeolite minerals for forty-three million years. Because its adsorptive properties have not been compromised by air or ground water contaminants, this highly charged Calcium Attapulgite Clay has drawing power that is unsurpassed. Its extremely strong adsorptive and absorptive properties make it ideal for use in deep cleansing and clarifying of the skin.

We are very pleased to be able to offer it to you in all of our Prakruthik’s Body Beautiful Cosmeceuticals products.

Prakruthik Living Clay's amazing ability to cool, sooth, firm, tighten and draw impurities make this amazing clay a popular choice for spas and health conscious people. If blackheads and pimples are a problem, you will love Prakruthik Living Clay.

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